Life According to Us

Life According to Us

Life According to Us
an original roleplay created by @young-grasshopper on 08.17.16
- six-eight girls
- one apartment
- friends over different periods of times
- 1 event a month.
THE GIRLS; [ages b/n 21-23]
[Your girl will have your birthday
and here is why: because I want to be a close knit group, I want us to celebrate everyone's birthday on their real day even if that is a pm saying 'Happy Birthday!' because I know even the small gesture is a big one, and I want to wish everyone a happy birthday on their real day... I hope you all will do this!]
the characters are open for development, but make everyone diverse and fun. MAKE these characters yours!
- the queen of dying her hair, although currently her natural color bc her sister is getting married (her sister had a fit)
- complains about no boys liking her but has like 5 different boyfriends/girlfriends lined up for her at all times
- army brat
- "I'm not a hipster" but 100% is

- wants to be a doctor but wasn’t accepted to any of the schools she applied to
- doesn't exert herself at all
- still hung up on an old ex-boyfriend that she cheated on
- always getting into toxic relationships
- sleeps around

- still seeing her college sweetheart
- struggles with an eating disorder
- always dressed to the nines

- incredibly smart, graduated a year early
- accepted into a PhD program already (completed her master's degree)
- comes from a family who's average IQ level is 140
- met open #6 at a pilates class
- parents still pay for her rent
- international
- could be a princess, roommates are convinced (not a princess)
- communications/marketing major
- plays the part of the dumb barbie [even though she’s anything but]
- incredibly resourceful
- self-esteem issues // except she comes off as super confident
- met Mara (mc) pledging the same sorority
- still a virgin
- super artistic
- can drink like a tank, loves to get everyone plastered.
- super odd relationship with her family
TAKEN #8 - Mara Carter Babington
8 girls live in a duplex, friends for years or in college, or maybe just met a new roommate. bonding, love, ex-boyfriends, bildungsroman

Audition Info:
"insert quote to describe your character"
relationship status;
face claim;
taken by;




the places:
the family:
the love interests:

Coast Is Excellent {CIE}

Coast Is Excellent {CIE}

- a collaborative roleplay group -
"Living in a small town, I knew everybody. And everybody knew me."
― Anna Nicole Smith


Welcome to Bar Harbor, Maine.
Located in Mount Dear Island, our small quaint town is known for its stunning coastal beauty, its many yachts and lobster boats, and its view of islands and ocean in settings that can range from glistening sunlight to thick fog and mist.
It slows our lives down so we may appreciate nature and the relationships with those whom we love even more.
This is a community where people live in harmony with the land in which they live.
Bar Harbor is a lifestyle, an aspiration, and a very special place to be.


1) This will be a ‘write whenever you can’ group. No pressure on publishing stories. You are welcome to write as often or as little as you can. There are no scheduled events or calendar of activities unless agreed upon by the mods.
2-a) Characters – Since this is a small town, everyone should know or be related to each other. This will hopefully eliminate the ‘how did they meet’ story/planning that often slows down and complicates the group.
2-b) There will be no age or gender restriction. If you want to be a 16-year old cheerleader, go ahead. Want to be a single mom in her mid-30s? That’s fine too. You want to play an 83-year old cat lady? Mazel tov.
2-c) Character occupations – Think small town. Café owner. Baker. Arts and crafts store owner. Innkeeper. Bookstore assistant. Hairstylist. Nurse. Tour guide. B&B manager. Park ranger. Local artist. Local author. Local musician. Fisherperson. Lobsterperson. Big city transplants are also welcome addition to this.
3) Location – the town is set in Bar Harbor, ME. However, we will only use a few of its most notable locations. Everything else will be fictionalized and up to our imaginations and creativity.
3) Reading and commenting on each others set, while not mandatory, is highly encouraged. Let’s all give a few minutes of our time to appreciate the hard work that members put into their stories.
4) Sample story –
Hopefully, this story will provide you an idea of the look and feel of the town and its characters.
5) Keep checking this page for updates on characters and a collection for the town’s look and feel.


Audition Process:
― Auditions are currently by Invitation or Application Only
― Please use the following format for Character Application

name :
age | location

occupation :

style :
personality :

biography :

relationships : (please indicate status—married, single, divorced, etc)
model :
others : (tidbits or information you want to add or mention. this is OPTIONAL.)

The Locals
@lemonade-lagoon for Rory Montgomery
@vogueapparel for Ryan Alden
@spacelava for Steph Copeland
@nifty-nikki for Maisie McKinley
@withlovekirsten for James Copeland
@lovelygabriella for Analia Reece
@wakeupfarah for Amelia Bailey
@vicks for Lou Carmichael
@elaineeeee for Alex Barnes
@chrissykinz for Arden Hale
@coriiiii for Sigrid Allen
@vampire-weakend for Kat Rigby
@etchasketchinlola for Suki Elliot
@young-grasshopper for Anderson Beesley
@alycat for Freya Clohesy


The Town:
The Neighborhood:
The People:

CIE is created on September 9, 2015



idea created by @young-grasshopper on July 13 2012
"So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be." - the perks of being a wallflower
Nestled in the woods of [blank] lives Dr. Josephine Nadal, a psychiatrist and therapist that specializes in the loss of loved ones, each year she takes in a few people who have dealt with much loss and who don't believe they can go on, it is selective and each person there is selected for a reason -- mostly because Dr. Nadal believes that they may be able to help each other.
Note from the creator;; I think we've all experienced some type of loss in our lives, and I think here we can develop a character that may be much different than ourselves but still help us heal in ways. I've made characters that I've done with aka write through my anger and grief and I found it incredibly therapeutic.
You may hate this idea, and that's okay.

the characters;
the places;

the [EVERLASTING] weekend club. {TWC}

the [EVERLASTING] weekend club. {TWC}

"Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer."
"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
- Oscar Wilde, Irish writer and poet
“There was no doubt about it: if you wanted to succeed you had to go away. You could do nothing in Dublin.”
- James Joyce, Dubliners
/ / / /
Hidden off the coast was a small island full of bungalows and bars with fairy lights strung from tree to tree. It was founded by our parents and we inherited it. Some of us were even born on the very sand. It stayed quiet during the week, and then as Friday rolled around, the island suddenly came alive: buzzing with youth, all of us ready to forget the mistakes we had made while working our 9-5 on the mainland, Dublin, Ireland.
New Temple was there when a group of reckless teenagers needed some place to be, a home they could trust and rely on. They were as lost as Peter Pan, refusing to grow up. They made a small civilization out of a barren, uncharted island—they made it a safe haven. But those teenagers had to grow up, so they left it to their kids, and again we partied too hard, forgetting the change we couldn't gather up to pay rent in the city.
The island went through bad times, when disinterest would rise, and worse, bankruptcy: a harsh reminder that even our little hippie, getaway island had bills to pay.
Almost always, we would crawl back to gather around and share a special thrill and bond they we could not find anywhere else.
Then on a chilly day, shortly after we returned for the funeral of Alice Wonders, it was unanimously and quietly decided that we would not return. The world of New Temple fell to pieces. Eleanor "Kat" Rigby lost hope trying to revive New Temp to its former glory when even Angelica, the mother of the island, gave up. The spirit of the island disappeared.
Its members packed up and departed to live normal lives, full of briefcases and suits, boring dead-end jobs, sticky, snotty children, and wi-fi.
Words were left unsaid and relationships were left unfixed as the villagers made a mutual decision to depart their beloved and barren island for good.

It's been 10 years. We're adults and some have moved on physically, while others find themselves lingering back to Dublin, attempting to make the best of lives they don’t want to have as they watch the world go by. They say it’s impossible to function without the island once you've experienced it: a myth many of the former villagers have found very, very true. Most did die on it, after all.
So what happens when everyone receives an invitation for a one-time decade reunion on the island?
Best be catchin' that 3 o'clock boat, yeah?
/ / / /
NOTE: This is a very CONNECTED group. Everyone interacts. You MUST read and comment on ALL stories as a member and attempt to collaborate with other members on story ideas to write together.
NOTE: Please follow real-time when writing for your character, and previous NT dates shall be considered in the past.
The island therefore closed shortly after the funeral of Alice Wonders' grandmother, one of the founders, the winter of 2005.
/ / / /
// The official map created by Jayne:
// Welcome to New Temple. To help you get a feel of what the housing/beaches/parties/bars look like:
// Generation One: The founding parents, the people who originally started New Temple, the parents of the island babies (characters born in NT):
/ / / /
// Former members:
- Submit an introduction set of either a revamped, updated version of your old character OR a new character. You will automatically be accepted.
- Please provide proof that you are a former member with a LINK to a former biography.
- For old characters, please write an updated biography in which you mention what your character has done in the last 10 years New Temple was closed
- Please include their current...
Full name
Occupation [full-time, part-time, jobless, etc.]
Biography [the more the better, elaborate as much as you like - include their past, the last 10 years, present]
Connection to New Temple/how they heard about it
Relationships (friends & family)
Important Facts
- Example:
// Interested Members:

- Auditions are CURRENTLY OPEN
- Please keep in mind that we will have preference to old members and we only want about 10 members in this group
- Audition sets must include a fashion set with completed character information and biography. Provide examples of former writing or a very short introduction story.
- The character information should include...

Full name
Occupation [full-time, part-time, jobless, student, etc.]
Biography [the more the better, elaborate as much as you like]
Connection to New Temple / a former character / how they heard about it / (Ask @vampire-weakend) for ideas
Relationships (friends & family)
Important Facts
- If you have any questions, message @vampire-weakend
Once around 10 members are finalized, please introduce your character with a story of them arriving to New Temple for the reunion OR interacting with a former New Temple villager. Feel free to include these extra, fun details to get to know your character (and inspire collaboration ideas with others) such as...
- nickname [if any]
- family members
- pets
- best friend
- describe your room [in dublin or new temple]
- way of speaking
- physical characteristics [posture, gestures, attitude, etc.]
- items in their pockets/backpack/purse
- hobbies
- favorite sports
- talents, abilities, etc
- relationships [how they are with other people]
- fears
- faults
- good points
- what they want more than anything else
- clothes they might wear
- their life story told through photos
- pictures that describe them/anything about their life
/ / / /
Original idea and group by @oh-jayne © 2011. Credit for Information, collections, etc. go to JAYNE. THANK YOU. :)
Idea to revamp it (first time) by Alex @vampire-weakend & Lilu @mclovinn - Recreated by Lilu on 11/25/12 at 8:09 PM
Idea to revamp it (second time) by Alex & Emmy @iwearoxfords on 5/12/14 - Last updated by Alex on 5/18/2014
Idea to revamp it (third time) (lol) by Alex on 11/14
Sincerely, Alex (@vampire-weakend)
idk, i think we should revamp again. mari @young-grasshopper



"This will be one war,everyone wants to be a part of"

Mystical, charming, and glamorous young women attend a French wizarding academy named Beauxbatons, located in the South of France. They do not realize that everything they love and cherish at this school can change when Durmstrang Academy goes co-ed with Beauxbatons.

Beauxbatons is a highly esteemed academy for the magically gifted ladies in France; every girl has the chance to achieve her highest level of expertise at this institution. These girls may seem flawless, but each has her insecurity; they have their ways of masquerading their flaws and keeping their school's name high, but can it stay that way even if the rowdy Durmstrang boys decide to give Beauxbatons a proper makeover?

It's not the only problem surrounding these girls. Rumors are going around the castle grounds that death eaters will come back, and this time, they won't lose to a boy with a weird scar.

This year may also be the year for one special student: Beauxbatons is hosting a competition (similar to Tri-Wizard competition but without other schools,only between the four houses) but sadly for them, the boys will be teamed up in their houses too, so that means they have to get a long with them.

Can these girls handle the changes, or might one of them be the real danger?
✰ ✮ ★
♥ Belanger (Like Gryffindor)
The perfect house for the brave, daring and athletic type. Most of them aren't vain and don't pride on looks,they put others before themselves but sometimes their victory can get to their head and will forget who they really are.They have some of the best Quidditch players,they have allot of Half-Bloods, Muggle-Born and Pure-Bloods but they lack Veela and mystical beings.
➠Colors- Dark Ivy Green, Black and White.
➠Badge- Six white stars crossing over a straight dark green ribbon with black, cat paw prints.

♥ Mauplume (Like Ravenclaw)
This house is mostly for over achieving bookworms, intelligent and witty girls that age beyond their years. They have the best exam ratings; most of the girls graduate to work for the French Ministry of Magic or invent their own potions and win many magic noble prizes. They have a selection of all girls but also lack Veela.
The intelligent, imaginative and heavily talented girls go to Mauplume.
➠ colors- Dark Purple, Lilac and Silver.
➠ Badge- Five silver stars crossing over a dark purple ribbon with lilacs (the flower).

♥ Delasmit (Like Slytherin)
The fierce, cunning pure bloods of the school; They come from the richest, snobbiest families in high places and don't care about the others. They are very good in Quidditch but they have never won the House Cup because they never obey the rules. Only Pure Bloods and the only house that has Veela. Not a lot of girls want to be in Delasmit because they are vapid and some of these girls may possess dark magic. The mischievous, manipulative and malicious girls go to Delasmit.
➠ Colors- Red,Black and Grey.
➠ Badge- Four black stars crossing over a grey ribbon with a red fox.

♥ Grodeffroy (Like Hufflepuff)
Unlike Hufflepuff, this is the house to be. These girls are pure at heart but some are not pure of blood; They strive in everything they do but never loose themselves in the process. They have a record for winning the House Cup five years in a row. They obey the rules and always help anyone who seeks it. The kind, smart and caring girls go to Grodeffroy.
➠ Colors- Turquoise, Light Blue and Dark Royal Blue.
➠ Badge- Three light blue stars crossing over a turquoise ribbon with a dark blue half moon.
✰ ✮ ★
• Glass Atrium •
The Glass Atrium is the Beaubaxtons like the great hall...white-wood tables,royal blue cushions,Diamond chandliers,silver and gold table cloths,sky blue window curtains, the head table for professors and four tables for each house.Students are serenaded while they dine by choirs of wood nymphs. At Christmas time the dining hall is adorned with great, non-melting ice sculptures.

• Classes&Examinations •
➠ First year exams · Second year exams · Third year exams · Fourth year exams · Ordinary Wizarding Level · Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test
➠ Core classes: Astronomy · Charms · Defence Against the Dark Arts · Herbology · History of Magic · Potions · Transfiguration
➠ Elective classes: Arithmancy · Care of Magical Creatures · Divination · Muggle Studies · Study of Ancient Runes
➠Extra-curricular classes: Advanced Arithmancy Studies · Ancient Studies · Art · Flying · Ghoul Studies · Hogwarts choir · Muggle Art · Muggle Music · Music

• Student Lounge Of Each House (Common Rooms) •
A large and comfortable room filled with couches, chairs, tables, and amenities to entertain students between classes and free time.

• Dormitories (For Each House) •
Each student is assigned a room and a roommate to reside with during their stay at Beauxbatons.

• The Quidditch Pitch •
Quidditch is the national pastime of the Wizarding World, so naturally, there's a few club teams.

• Out Of School •
♥ French Ministry of Magic
Marseilles Branch.

♥ Canebière (like Diagon Alley)
The busy thoroughfare where you enter the Wizarding section of Marseilles. A wide boulevard that one must walk through to gain access to the shops along the boardwalk. Completely invisible to Muggles.

♥ The Boardwalk
Wizarding shops strewn along the beach.
Like hogsmead.

♥ The Corinche
The beach, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Vacation homes are here.
✰ ✮ ★
head girl: Izabel Valencía
head boy: Pascal Windsor
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl: Andrina Ekaterina
head boy:
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl: Mischa Declerq
head boy: Donovan Bartholomew Krum
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:
head girl: Ingrid Maus
head boy:
seventh years:
sixth years:
fifth years:

✰ ✮ ★
seeker: Izabel Valencía
seeker: Mischa Declerq
beater: Donovan
✰ ✮ ★
If yes,which position:
Core Classes:
Elective Classes:
Extra Curricular Classes:
Wand details:
Best memory:
Have any special heirlooms?


EXTRA; moodboard, playlist, storyboard, collection, etc

The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

Created by @leboutonderose on May 3rd 2011.
Basically, this is an advert group for high fashion roleplays. Only high fashion;) You can post your advert sets and send me links to your roleplays which will be shown on here. I'll choose some great ones for you! This is also a page where you can look at if you want to find a new roleplay to join.
Please also post your gorgeous role-play sets.
The second point is that it's a roleplay help group ;) You can ask questions and the FAQs will be posted. It doesn't matter whether they're about models, bio or anything else. Apropos models: I'll post collections with underused models and new faces. You can send your collections, too. Male and female, that is.
The Hall of Fame is part of the group info including links to roleplays which already started, meaning it's not time for auditions.
How to get into the Hall of Fame:
Pm the link to @glitterinmyveins or @leboutonderose and expect it to be there soon! Please include one sentence that briefly explains your roleplay. If you do not include it in the pm, one will be created by the mods.
If you have any questions concerning roleplays (e.g how to write a bio, what's an audition, which model to use...) pm @leboutonderose or @glitterinmyveins. We'll answer your questions and if they're interesting for other, will be put them to the FAQs.

La Paris Academy
Situated in the outskirts of Paris, this academy provides those who can afford it with knowledge and prestige. But life there isn't only glamourous since there's a person who makes you and the other girls fulfill tasks each week. If you don't manage your task, your darkest secret will be revealed and for everyone to see...
Apple, Inc.
Become a part of the Apple universe and spread your rebellious ideas on campus. Maybe you'll be the next Steve Jobs? Only time will tell. Just stick to your visions.
Girls of New York
Work at Vogue and belong to the most envied girls in the world: The girls living and working in the buzzing city of New York. Fashion, style and glamour are daily part of your life, but don't forget about your real life either.





An advertising group to submit all role-play advertisements and sets.
- Monthly contests to display your set-making and writing skills.
- Upcoming role-plays will be advertised!
- Member of the month will get an advertisement as well.

PM @ps-saeglopur to see your roleplay advertised in an announcement and put onto our page! Please include a link and short description of the roleplay in the message.
Need a face claim for your character?
- Brown/Black Hair:
- Blonde Hair:

Fashion Our Way

Fashion Our Way

What is your personal style? Are you into chic, modern pieces, bohemian outfits or blogger style inspired looks? Now you have the chance to share your creations with the Polyvore world!

Classy & Chic, but most of all, UNIQUE!

Classy & Chic, but most of all, UNIQUE!

This group will have lots of contests where you can win real PRIZES! Hope you join :)
This is my second group that I'd like to dedicate to all the fashionistas who love to be creative and unique with the latest fashion trends!

Waiting to Be Discovered

Waiting to Be Discovered

I believe that there are lots of FABULOUS sets out there that should be getting all the favorites, but they're not being noticed. Lots of "little gems". Join this group and together we can help each other get discovered. I encourage you to comment and or favorite as many sets as you like.
Any kind of sets are welcome: fashion sets, art sets, eyeshadow sets, interior design sets, collages, etc. ANYTHING! So set your mind free and let the creativity flow! AND most importantly... HAVE FUN!!
P.S. I try to comment/favorite as many sets as possible (the ones you enter in the group), but if I don't comment/fave yours, it doesn't mean that I don't like them, it just means that I haven't gotten to it yet. =]
Thanks to everyone who has joined!
-Established in June 2008-